MUSEUMVIEWS was founded by museologist, artist & filmmaker Homa Taj, in 2003.

MUSEUMVIEWS is the founder and sole sponsor of International Museum Workers Day which celebrated it fourth year on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Artists, designers, heritage and museum workers engaged with IMWD2018 across 12 social media platforms, in 21 languages, in 170+ countries.


Homa’S interests in the arts have spanned the worlds of theater, film and visual arts.

Daughter of a self-taught painter, she began painting in high school in the late 1980’s. Her first brush with performance arts also came during high school, on Long Island NY, when she briefly studied with the legendary American dancer & choreographer Jacques D’Amboise, a principal dancer of the New York City Ballet.

During the 1990’s, Homa studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory (1989-1991), and worked as a production assistant on a number of independent film and theatre projects, in New York City & Boston. Later in the decade, she pursued film and video production when she made a number of short films – including Waiting For Van Gogh and an experimental animation film based on Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period masterpiece Seated Nude Back (1902). To date, Homa has made nine short experimental films.

Starting in 2013, she returned to her roots as a visual artist by making mixed media conceptual art with focus on cinema, as well as her experiences of living through a revoution, a war and migration …

Homa holds post-graduate degrees in museology (Harvard University); 19th-20th  century fine arts and their institutional histories (The Courtauld Institute); and, histories of museums & collecting (University of Oxford). She also wrote her unpublished doctoral dissertation on the comparative history of museums in emerging markets, c 1870′s-1940′s, at the University of Oxford, UK.

The following are among international organizations whose employees  have celebrated IMWD:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Musee Louvre; Galleria degli Uffizi; LACMA; El Museo Soumaya, Mex.; Picasso Museum, Spain; Deutsches Historisches Museum; Musee d’Orsay;The Gardner Museum, Boston; Modern Art Museum, Brazil; Robben Island Museum, S. Africa; Museum of the Jewish People, Israel; Shangai Science & Tech Museum; American Museum Natural History; State Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece; National Museum of Rwanda; National Museum of Egyptian Civilization; National Gallery Singapore; Louvre Abu Dhabi; National Comission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria; Olympic and Sports Museum, Qatar; Arte Contemporaneo, Bolivia; Fine Arts Museum, Viet Nam; National Museum of Kenya; National Museums of Philippines; National Museum of Moldova; National Museum of Vanautu; National Museum of Australia; National Museum of Ghana; Museo Historica National, Chile; Museum National de Anthropologia, El Salvador; National Museum of Ireland; National Museum of Bhutan; Morija Museum, Lesotho; International Center of Photography; American Federation of Arts; Hispanic Society of America; AAMers (& Future of Museums); Museum Directors; International Council of Museums ICOM; ICOM USA; ICOM Canada; ICOM Italia; … & very many others …