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Int’l Museum Workers Day #IMWD2017

Flags of (almost all) countries based out of which museum & heritage workers engaged with IMWD2017.

Last Thursday June 29th marked the 3rd International Museum Workers Day #IMWD2017, an advocacy project initiated by MUSEUMVIEWS.
To celebrate #IMWD2017, we invited museum and heritage workers from around the globe – including artists, scholars, art historians, scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, curators, filmmakers, performance artists, designers & many other whose expertise, years of experiences and dedication help create, discover, preserve, and disseminate our tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage.
From among the 150+ countries that engaged with #IMWD2017, some of the inspiring participants were based out of:
Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Chad, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Mozambique, Ghana, Cameroon, Belaize, Oman, Madagascar, Jordan, Swaziland, Botswana, Congo, Jamaica, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwi, Benin, Vietnam, Papa New Guinea, Suriname, Brunei, Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, Malaysia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Dominican Republic, Mali, Rwanda, Chad, Senegal, South Africa, Yemen … & numerous others …
IMWD2017 were equally thrilled to have the participation of:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Musee Louvre
Galleria degli Uffizi
El Museo Soumaya
Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin
The Gardner
Modern Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro
International Center of Photography
American Federation of Arts
LA Opera
Hispanic Society of America
National Museum Philippines
AAMers (& Future of Museums)
Museum Directors
ICOM Canada
ICOM Italia
& very many others…

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About Frank J Cunningham | Producer

Frank J Cunningham was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland. As a young adult, Frank studied at a Gaelic-speaking boarding school. At the end of his studies at the University of Galway, he traveled and worked across Western Europe, for five years. During this period, Cunningham immersed himself in the indigenous cultures of the countries where he lived, learning native languages (French and German). In the mid 1980’s, he immigrated to the United States.

He has since lived in New York City, Nantucket, and The Hamptons.

Since 2003, Frank has served as a Contributing Editor to  MuseumViews. He is now the Producer of feature film THE DEALER Movie, and Executive Director of INT’L MUSEUM WORKERS DAY.




English: Native

Gaelic (Irish), French & German : reading, and some fluency


FILMS & New Media

Producer THE DEALER Movie, 2016 – Present

Executive Director INT’L MUSEUM WORKERS DAY (IMWD), 2015 – Present

Contributing Editor to  MuseumViews, 2003 –  Present

Contributor to, 2010 – 2016.

Contributor to MuseumViews’ In Conversation with…[VIDEO Series], 2013 – Present

Contributing writer & researcher, Rene (feature film by Homa Taj, in development), 2016

Nantucket Atheneum (short film based on Frank J Cunningham’s poem by Homa Taj), 2013

Maria’s Comet (short film based on Frank J Cunningham’s poem by Homa Taj), 2014

Steely Eyed Samurai (short film based on Frank J Cunningham’s poem by Homa Taj), December, 2014