The 2nd UNESCO Heritage Site “Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal” Dialogue

(Courtesty IndiaTV)

What comes into your mind when we mention the linkage between North China and South China? Yes! A quick answer could be the Grand Canal.

Beijing–Hangzhou Grand Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The longest canal or artificial river in the world, some of its oldest parts date back to the 5th century BCE, with various sections being first connected during the Sui dynasty (581–618 CE). Between 1271–1633, the canal was significantly rebuilt and altered to direct flow of traffic to the capital in Beijing.

The Grand Canal not only witnessed the evolution of China’s long history and natural landscape but also showcased China’s most vibrant hydraulic advancement and civil engineering before the Industrial Revolution. 

As an important waterway system running from ancient times until today, the Grand Canal is always seen as a good starting point to initiate a dialogue between different parts of China.

Starting from September 23, the 2nd Beijing-Hangzhou Dialogue (hereinafter referred to as “Dialogue”) is going to present a series of exciting and highly cultural events to nationwide guests and participants. It will consist of an opening ceremony with a grand forum, 8 Grand Canal-themed events, as well as a few welcoming events which are to be organized by Beijing City, Zhejiang Province, and its capital City-Hangzhou.

According to the organizers, this year’s Dialogue has scaled up and will include more parties across the globe. It is said that mayors from Egypt, the Netherlands, and other cities with ancient canal cultures will send their messages to greet their Chinese friends on the opening of this Dialogue and the initiative of calling the public to protect and preserve the canal heritages.

At the same time, there will be a series of cultural performances to be held in the Summer Palace, the famous historical scenic spot that is going to celebrate its 270-year-old birthday this year.

As cultural and social, and also newsworthy by its nature, the Dialogue has also attracted international veteran journalists to brainstorm about the narrative strategy of the Grand Canal and the protection of the public sphere which can facilitate the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

These days, the world’s largest and most extensive civil engineering project prior to the Industrial Revolution that is still in use today, is more than a cradle of ancient Chinese’s hydraulic civilization. It is also an important project that plays an important role in ensuring the country’s economic prosperity and social stability.

It is believed that the dialogue sparked between the actors along the Grand Canal will achieve more economic and social advancements both at home and abroad. 

Hangzhou is also home to 2022 Asian Games, also known as XIX Asiad, the multi-sport event that will be held from September 10-25, 2022.

Source: In Zejiang