#IMWD2021 Celebrates the Release of 10-volume Textiles from Dunhuang Series

On the 7th anniversary of International Museum Workers Day #IMWD2021 ( 国际博物馆专业人员日 | 10 月 22 日,星期五) MuseumViews and IMWD2030 congratulate Dr. Zhao Feng on the release of the monumental 10 volumes Textiles from Dunhuang Series (Chinese and English).

Chinese textile specialist with a special interest in Silk Road textiles, he is Director of the China National Silk Museum, in Hangzhou (杭州), Province of Zhejiang (浙江), the largest silk museum in the world.

Dr. Zhao Feng studied at the Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile (now Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), earning a BA in Dyeing and Finishing (1978–82) and MA in Chinese Silk History (1982–84). He did his PhD in Textile History of China, at the China Textile University (now Donghua University) (1995-1997), a student of Zhu Xinyu 朱新予 and Jiang Youlong 蒋猷龙.

Dr. Zhao Feng remained at the Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile as an assistant researcher. In 1991, he became curator and researcher at the China National Silk Museum, and has remained with this museum since, with long periods overseas as a visiting researcher, studying Chinese textiles in museums around the world: at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1997–98), Royal Ontario Museum (1999), and British Museum (2006). He also holds the following positions in Chinese and international organisations: Director of Chinese Textiles Identification Protection Center; professor and PhD supervisor of Donghua University; member of the National Committee of Cultural Relics; council member of Centre International d’Etude des Textiles Anciens (CIETA); director of Dunhuang Studies of Zhejiang province; representative of 11th National People’s Congress; one of Zhejiang Provincial “Super Experts”; director of Key Scientific Research Base of Textile Conservation, SACH. In 2015 he proposed the founding of the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles, and became its first President.

Dr. Zhao Feng’s research is in the history of Chinese silk; identification and conservation of textile relics; cultural communication between China and the world along the Silk Road. He has published extensively in both Chinese and English.

This complete collection of the 15-year series, Textiles from Dunhuang, was launched on October 15 at the Donghua University Silk Road and Silk Art Forum. Led by Dr. Zhao Feng, director of the China National Silk Museum and professor at Donghua University, the Dunhuang Silk Research Team collaborated with experts and scholars from cultural institutions around the world to complete this historical masterpiece.

It includes 10 volumes in the Chinese and English versions of the U.K. Collections, French Collections, Russian Collections, Lushun Collections and the Dunhuang Academy, with millions of words and more than a thousand pictures. The overall publication of the complete works shows the charm of Chinese silk to readers and fills the gaps of Dunhuang studies on silk, and is important support for research in the fields of the Silk Road and the history of textile and apparel art.