Maria’s Comet – Trailer for a short film by Homa Taj, 2014

HOMA’s first brush with the art of performance came during high school, on Long Island NY, when she briefly studied with the legendary American dancer & choreographer Jacques D’Amboise. A principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, D’Amboise founded the National Dance Institute in 1976 with a mission of “inspiring children through the arts.”

Between 1989 and 1999, Homa studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory [now Studio of Acting] and worked as a production assistant on a number of independent film and theatre projects, in New York City.

Read “You can get the girl out of New York. But, you can’t get New York out of the girl.”

In the 1990’s, she pursued film and video studies with the former Curator of the Harvard Film Archives.

During this time, Homa made a number of short, animation and experimental films including Waiting For Van Gogh and an experimental animation film based on Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period masterpiece Seated Nude Back (1902).

Homa during the filming of Steely Eyed Samurai, based on a poem inspired by Mark Di Suvero, Wintertime (private collection), in 2014


Writer, Director, Co-Producer

The Dealer (feature film, development) and Rene (feature film, treatment)


Writer, Director, Producer:

Steely Eyed Samurai (short film), 2015

Maria’s Comet (short film), 2014

Nantucket Atheneum (short film), 2013

Seated Nude Back (Animation, 1998)

Jennifer Ricci: Portrait of a Poet, Video Documentary, 1999

Waiting for Van Gogh, Video Documentary, 1999

Experimental Animation (16mm), 1999


Producer, Interviewer Video Series: In Conversation with… (Creatives), 2010-present

Founder and Editor, MUSEUMVIEWS, 2003-Present

Writer & Producer, Pilot episodes on Museums & Collectors, Summer, 2002 – Arts Nantucket,  Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

*Over the past several years, Homa’s travels have taken her to various international film festival where she has made the acquaintance of a great number of filmmakers, throughout Europe & N. America including: Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, London, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oxford, Dublin, Miami and others.