We are thrilled to introduce THE DEALER which is our first feature film that is scheduled to go into production at the end of January 2017. The film is based on an original story by art historian and filmmaker HOMA TAJ

The DEALER is about a fourth generation French-American art dealer who hails from a prominent and highly respected family of art dealers. PETER LANGMANN (25-30)’s great grand-father, great uncles and grandfather had served as advisers to prominent collectors starting with fin de siècle’s most prominent figures, including European aristocrats & American industrialists. The Langmanns are considered the bastions of integrity in the art world, and, in Old Master dealers in particular.

Peter’s passion for integrating new technology into his pursuit of a career in the modern and contemporary art world, and his love of risk-taking & facing challenges head on, are antithetical to his family’s traditional approach to business, and life, in general. In his attempt to forge a new path, on his own terms in the family business, in the rapidly changing world of art, and in resistance to his family’s influence, Peter becomes involved with less than savory characters who not only threaten his but also The Langmann’s fortune and reputation …

Can Peter, and The Langmanns, deflect this monumental threat to the continuity of their 140 year-old legacy? If so, how? …

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The Dealer (feature film, development), 2017

Rene (feature film, treatment), 2018



Steely Eyed Samurai (short film), 2015

Maria’s Comet (short film), 2014

Nantucket Atheneum (short film), 2013

Seated Nude Back (Animation, 1998)

Jennifer Ricci: Portrait of a Poet, Video Documentary, 1999

Waiting for Van Gogh, Video Documentary, 1999

Experimental Animation (16mm), 1999



Producer, Interviewer Video Series: In Conversation with… (Creatives), 2010-present

Writer & Producer, Pilot episodes on Museums & Collectors, Summer, 2002 – Arts Nantucket,  Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

Maria Mitchell's Comet 1847, A short film by Homa Taj based on a poem by Frank Cunningham-Nantucket-7

STEELY EYED SAMURAI, A Film by HOMA TAJ Based on a poem by FJ Cunningham Inspired by a Sculpture by Mark Di Suveronantucket-atheneum-short-film-by-homa-taj-small-225x300