HOMA TAJ after filming Mark diSuvero’s Wintertime (Private Collection, Nantucket) for STEELY EYED SAMURAI (IMDb:, May 2014

HOMA TAJ after filming Mark diSuvero’s Wintertime (Private Collection, Nantucket) for STEELY EYED SAMURAI (IMDb:, May 2014

In 2003, HOMA TAJ founded MUSEUMVIEWS Consultancy (


We believe that every collection ought to be as unique as the collector to which it belongs. We therefore strongly advocate creating a collection that reflects its owner’s particular, or even peculiar, aesthetics.

In addition, we believe that art collecting is a form of patronage, and encourage our collectors to forge lasting relationships with arts and cultural institutions that closely reflect their aesthetic and social priorities.


Today, we work with a highly select number of private – individual and corporate – collectors. Our curatorial services may include:

– Collection diagnostics
– Acquisition (policies & processes)
– Critical scholarly research
– Relationship strategies
– Marketing methodologies
– Value(s) enhancement
– Developmental programs
– Outreach programs
– Success metrics

* Additional service of acquiring museum-quality, executive-level corporate gifts may be included in an acquisition project.

Since our founder HOMA TAJ is a museologist and a filmmaker, we have the unique ability to create programs for presenting every collection through various media including film & video production, for private or corporate collectors.


Some of our curatorial projects have included working with:

– private and corporate collectors to optimize and facilitate the formation and curation of their art collections

– public and private arts and cultural organizations to formulate and expand their collectors and patrons circles

– governmental and state organizations to examine their national as well as regional museological programs

– private arts and academic institutions to forge inter-institutional affiliations.

A select list of public institutions with which Homa Taj has collaborated, include:

The Barnes Foundation
The British Council
The Netherlands Board of Tourism
St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
Alliance Française
City of Berlin
Qatar Museums Authority