[VIDEO] Nantucket Atheneum – A short film by Homa Taj based on a poem by Frank J Cunningham


This short, no-budget film is my tribute to the talents of a dear friend and poet, Frank J Cunningham. I began filming Nantucket Atheneum toward the end of October 2012. This was three months after Frank was discharged from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. On 28th June, Frank had collapsed at his home on Nantucket and was taken by an ambulance to the Hospital. A few hours later, he was medvaced by a helicopter to Tufts Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), in Boston, where he was induced into a coma for three and a half weeks during which he suffered a heart attack whilst being kept alive on super lung and dialysis machines. He had been diagnosed with the curiously rare Legionnaire’s Disease. Days after his admittance into MICU at Tufts, a priest was brought in to give him last rites… Frank regained full consciousness on July 27th, and spent the following month learning to walk again … and the following year, struggling to re-learn how to lead a normal life.

In the words of his Doctor (Timothy Lepore), “Apparently, you are a hard man to kill.”

Again, I made this film, which took several days of filming, weeks of editing, & months of waiting for the right circumstances without a budget during a time – past 14 months – which has been emotionally and financially stressful due to the poet’s illness, and extended recovery.

PLEASE Note that all your contributions are forwarded to the poet in support of the completion of his manuscripts.

Very best wishes ~ Homa