Q&A with American Artist Sarah Dueth

Sunday, 36×36 in, Oil on canvas, Courtesy Sarah Dueth

Sarah Dueth, 1974
Born: Winston-Salem, NC
Lives: NJ, USA

Artist’s statement -
I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and an artist. I have painted for more than half of my life. I am lucky, lucky to have found an outlet that is so honest, addictive, and inspiring to me. Painting has enabled me to learn what is truly important in my life. Painting has led me to create/choose a better life, healing old wounds, and diving into the new, unknown paths of an exciting, magical future. Painting has helped me recognize my deep inner strength.

Favourite movies & directors -
I have been enjoying the more magical, side of the movie world, Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, Edward Scissorhands (as I can enjoy this with my son), but also a fan of movies with serious sides like Shawshank Redemption, or movies with brilliant costumes/set, Elizabeth, The Golden Age. The visuals and story lines in all of these movies inspire me to want to keep creating…

Favourite book(s) & author(s) -
Books with illustration. Children’s Books… Magical stories like Alice in Wonderland, or Patricia Coombs’s Dorrie the Little Witch series.

Favourite cultural centres /museums -
Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Central Park Zoo.

Your most aesthetically (sensual/ spiritual/ intellectual) inspired experience -
Finding and honing my skills used to create my Girls Series.

Art (books, movie, exhibition, museum, etc) wish list -
I would love to own an original drawing of Jack Skellington, by Tim Burton, or the costume Johnny Depp wore in Alice in Wonderland. I find from year to year I bounce between a serious wish list vs. a more magical, character-based wish list. This year, it remains on the more magical younger side of childhood wish list, though a small painting by Morandi or a large figure by Jenny Saville, wouldn’t be turned down.

Artist/character (in any field) with whom you identify the most -
My Girls series of paintings.

Most inspiring city -
NYC, Warsaw, Sydney

Most influential – person, character, artist, filmmaker, writer, etc -
Susan Rothenberg: When I saw her work at the young age of 12, I knew I wanted to be like her, an artist.

Most challenging aspect of working in the art world (& its institutions) -
The ‘business side’ of the art world.

Most gratifying aspect of being a part of the art world (& its institutions) -

I can inspire/help another person, or simply show my child how wonderful life can be if you can find what you love to do, and do it well.

What are arts patrons’ responsibilities, if any?
To LOVE and honestly support what they invest in.

Always carry with you … -
Hand wipes.. I have a 9 year old boy!What are artists’ responsibilities to their art or to society, if any?
To create from within, honestly, not follow what is fashionable. That never lasts. Good work takes time and comes from the heart.

Art world pet peeves -
Watching friends with talent struggle…

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