National Media Museum’s Mission Impossible

Bradford, UK – Colin Philpott, the Director of the National Media Museum, is leaving his post in the Spring to pursue “long term and creative projects” beyond the museum which include the publication of a book that is due for release in Autumn of 2012.

In the meantime, the NMM doesn’t miss a beat in offering a wide variety of exhibitionary, scholarly and entertaining projects. For example, in case you missed Brad Bird’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in Dubai, you can catch it at the National Media Museum from Wednesday 21 December. So you may have to travel to Bradford in the Yorkshires to watch Tom Cruise survive a near apocalyptic sand storm and climb Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – without the use of a stuntman, but it will be worth your time. Ghost Protocol is an unapologetically entertaining movie: in a nail-biting, sitting on the edge of your seat classic Hollywood fashion.

This is the first time that I have ever recommended an action thriller with the most unlikely, indeed fantastical, sequence of events including blowing up parts of the Kremlin. Nevertheless, Mission Impossible IV owes much of its success to the exquisite work of Paul Hirsch the Academy Winning editor of Star Wars, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Steel Magnolias, among others. Filmed in Banglore and Mumbai (India), Dubai (UAE), Moscow (Russia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Vancouver (Canada), Ghost Protocol – or shall we say its Cinematographer, Robert Elswit (Good Night, and Good Luck & There Will Be Blood) – paints a thrilling tale of espionage.

One positive side of watching the movie at a museum, one would (hope) is that you won’t be subject to an abusive 30 minutes – no, not 27 minutes, 30 on the dot – of previews and commercials as I was when I saw Mission Impossible this weekend at CineStar, in Berlin.

NMM’s cinema is only one of four IMAX® theatres in the UK showing the film five days ahead of its national release. No one said that it would be easy, but it sure isn’t impossible.

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